Friday, April 27, 2007

"We've got to be relentless"

Former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich made a $6 billion turnaround in state budgets, from a $4 billion deficit, while in office. He made department heads start with 88% of the previous year's budget and justify every dollar more to him personally. And he said, "We governors like to say we created so many jobs, but really, I just got out of the way of 100,000 new jobs that were created in our state."

But he said we have to face the facts of the 2006 elections. "We need to think about what a wipeout election this was, as a constant reminder when we regain power, that we can not mess up."
It was an "edgy" talk, as he warned, but good to consider. His overall point: "If these numbers are to turn around, we have to be hyperactive to get this message out to the community." We can view last November as a loss, or as a defeat, but it's up to us to rebuild our credibility now, while it's low for the conservative movement.



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