Friday, April 27, 2007

A need for self-restraint

Justice Bob Orr, gubernatorial candidate, gave an excellent speech on the need for citizens and businessmen, as well as their representatives, to "avoid the temptation" to seek incentives, concessions, and other financial benefits from the government.

If we do not exercise self-restraint, we will suffer, business with suffer, and the government is going to continue to encroach in your life.

This past week Orr argued at the Court of Appeals on the case of the Dell incentives, $300 million worth from the state and Winston-Salem, and spoke of the importance of the "'public purpose' provision" in the state constitution -- that tax funds cannot be taken for any reason but a definite public purpose.

He included an excellent quote from Edmund Burke which I will try and update later on.

Humor: Justice Orr apologized for leaving early, but he has a political event in the western part of the state tomorrow morning and an event back here Sunday. He said he is the only candidate who does not have his own airplane, but he has christened his pickup truck "Orr Force One" and plans to sell T-shirts, hats, and mugs to people who have ridden with him.



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