Saturday, April 28, 2007

They're Everywhere

This is Andrew Silver and an unidentified co-protestor which made up the Fayetteville Street contingent. Silver is a member of the "Raleigh Impeachment Meetup" group, one of three he said were participating today. He said that if a representative of every organization showed up there'd be a pretty good turn out. I went to their website and found they have 43 members (many of them inactive) with a lot of overlap with the Durham Impeachment Meetup group.

Silver wouldn't give me the name of his co-protestor; he said he gives his own advisedly so she might not want to share hers. He said the FBI has a file on him "this thick" because he refused military service in 1966 and probably still has it. I suggested he might be able to get a copy under the Freedom of Information Act , which apparently hadn't occurred to him; he said it wasn't high on his agenda.
Ogre said one on the Salisbury Street side saw him taking pictures and asked, "You're not going to give those to the FBI, are you?" No, just post them on the World Wide Web; it's not like Carolina News 14 hadn't just been interviewing the group on camera for the TV news.


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