Saturday, April 28, 2007

Racial Politics and Conservative Media

An African-American man in the audience said there is not enough coming from the GOP to discredit the leadership of Sharpton and Jackson; he said the black community doesn't see them as leaders but idiots, but the Republicans are not reaching out on that subject.

Curtis Wright challenged his fellow hosts to open their shows on a daily basis to Democratically-registered black leaders, as he [apparently] has done. Bill LuMaye said that he has done some outreach of some sorts but recognizes (and has experienced) the danger that their shows and sponsors become targets. "Isn't it powerful radio, though?" Wright asked. Comments from the panel and the audience say that the problem is conservatives are always on the defensive here and should not be.

Ric Martinez said that the Hispanic community tends to be conservative by nature, and immigrants do not naturally go to Social Services because that option doesn't exist where they're from. He said he is regularly asked, "Why do Mexicans work so hard?" He said it's nothing magic, it's just that there's no other option back where they're from.

Martinez continued to emphasize the issue is not so much what the community believes but what the media presents, and we who have connections with the media need to be standing forth for conservative principles.



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