Saturday, April 28, 2007

Agreed on History

Gov. Sanford finished his remarks with the account of Col. Joshua Chamberlain's recovery of some 200 deserters for the Union army, culminating a few days later in their successful defense of Little Round Top on the Union left at Gettysburg. It's a great piece of history and I have used the incident for illustrations of several things in presentations I've done, too.

Sanford says that their success on the second day of Gettysburg set up the final victory on the third day, which changed the course of the war and certainly of the country.

What's more, he said, it changed world history too, because in his opinion a disunited America would not have been capable of fighting the two-front war against Fascist and Imperialist agression in the 1940's.

I have had the same thought in the "what if" mode. Could two Americas have been united enough to oppose Hitler and Tojo? Good question, and maybe doubtful. There is great security in believing in a God who does rule in the affairs of men, and therefore knowing that all events of history have passed through His hands and are fully integrated into His providential plan for the world.



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