Monday, April 30, 2007

School Choice at the Leadership Conference

When you move from academic to journalistic writing, you have to learn not only a new set of stylistic tools but a new process that gets you out of your own deep thoughts and into other peoples' ... as well as onto their schedules rather than your own.

Live blogging like this past weekend's is another thing again. For one thing, you have to learn how to pace yourself, just as a runner trains differently for a 6k race than a 100-yard sprint.

This is my long justification for not attending every session at the Conservative Leadership Conference. I was hoping to cover the educational angle as much as possible but I missed the School Choice panel, choosing to use the time elsewhere since I had heard several of those speakers many times and knew the best parts of the message already.

Dean Stephens at The Inner Banks Eagle covered it, though, and since he was kind enough to link to my reporting on the Education panel with Dr. Stoops and Chairman Lee, I'll return the favor for his report (and much better photography) on Educational Choice.


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