Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lead Her Not Into Temptation

A few weeks ago House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, acting as a representative of the American government, donned the veil of Muslim women to visit the capitols of terrorism-sponsoring nations. This act of meekness and submission sent a clear message to Islamist leaders that America's new leadership, at least, was ready to roll over and cower.

The 82nd Airborne is not amused. Neither is the Constitution, which is a living document, not a mutating one.

Iran is now pulling on the leash that Pelosi handed them.

"In the absence of formal diplomatic relations, we seek to establish a parliamentary relationship with the U.S. Congress and fill the existing gap of contacts between the two nations," [Darioush]Ghanbari, a pro-reform lawmaker, told The Associated Press. ...

According to another Iranian lawmaker, "We are seeking to form this friendship committee to undermine anti-Iran policies of the Bush administration and show our good will and our peace-loving spirits."

Correction -- they're not pulling her leash; they're giving her more rope. After all, this should fit right in with the agenda of Pelosi's party, undermining the policies of the Bush administration.

And while there may not be the same Constitutional problems with personal contact between legislative bodies -- in some circumstances -- Pelosi has already shown a willingness to obliterate the line between acceptable and illegal when dealing with countries on the international rogues list.

Democrats as well as Republicans should call for a civil but firm rebuff to this gesture of "friendship", the same as a friend doesn't let a friend drive drunk.


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