Monday, April 23, 2007

N.C. Conservative Leadership Conference

Later this week I'll be live blogging from the second North Carolina Conservative Leadership Conference, sponsored by the J.W. Pope Civitas Institute and the John Locke Foundation. This will be my third round of reportorial blogging since last year's CLC -- a brief round at the North Carolinians for Home Education conference in Winston-Salem last May, somewhat hampered the fact I was president of the organization and a speaker at the conference, then a very intense session at the National Center for Family Integrated Churches in St. Louis last fall.

This was an excellent event last year and promises to be even better in 2007. A number of bloggers will be reporting, so I'm hoping to cover an angle not seen in the other blogs; we'll see how that goes.

At last notice, there was still space for late registration, so if you see me at the Raleigh Sheraton this Friday and Saturday, be sure to say hello.


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