Saturday, September 23, 2006

A personal note

One of the mildly disappointing things seen on the Internet is the on-again, off-again blogger. We've probably all stubled across an interesting piece of commentary, but exploring the surrounding posts, find it hasn't been updated in months.

It was my full intention to make Five Points a regular, at least weekly, column online. That was in May when I opened for business. However, since that time there's been a major shakeup in the family economy, which is to say I resigned from a corporate job at a Fortune 500 company and helped found a business with three other family members. All the transition, coupled with an ongoing commitment to service with a nonprofit organization, ministry with a local church, and as much writing for print media as I can work in, put something of a squeeze on this particular outlet. My apologies!

As the new business begins to stabilize into a routine, I hope to have more time for, shall we say, more regularly occasional postings here, so feel free to stop by again sometime.


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